Release not delivered

My release (EAN 4066218899283) was supposed to be online from November 24, 2023, but it can only be found on YouTube.
How is it possible?

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Hello @J55ekij

Thanks for your message.

@Carlos or @Melani will get back to you shortly.


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Hi there @J55ekij,

Here’s the Spotify link.
Is there anywhere else you can’t find it?


I understood where the problem comes from!
The original name is HĂ ;PEOPLE.3.55, and it is written HĂ .PEOPLE.3.55.
The previous album (EAN 4061798273775) was however written correctly…

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So I don’t have it on Apple music either.

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Hey @J55ekij,

That’s normal, Apple Music isn’t part of the platforms you’ve selected when ordering the distribution of the release: