Release not visible in Upcoming Spotify for Artists Tab

Hi, why my song is not visible in the Upcoming Tab on Spotify for Artists? I want to pitch it to the playlists and ad a canvas to it. It should be released on friday, 9th june 2023. ISRC Code is: [DELETED BY MODERATOR FOR PRIVACY]


Hi @hallovera

Thanks for your message.

Please do not share personal information such as ISRC in the community.

Someone from the iMusician Team will contact you via DM for any specific information they need to solve your issue, but please do not share your information here!


@Carlos can you help here? Thanks!

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Hello @hallovera,

I’m sorry to hear that. It’s weird because on our end the release was delivered to Spotify on 12.05.2023 and it was correctly assigned to your artist profile (HALLO VERA | Spotify) so it should be available on your “Upcoming Tab”. Looks like a Spotify error here…

I’ll check with our team and let you know but unfortunately as the release date is set to tomorrow (09.06.2023), there is not enough time left to pitch it :frowning:


This is unbelieveble bad. They added our song to a new artist profile. Written in big and small letters.

It‘s your fault. See below. Now we can‘t communicate the release and radio stations will play our song and communicate, that our song is released and they don‘t find it in our profile.

Hi, i wrote again with a spotify supporter and he told me that he received the wrong metadata from you. see below i can’t choose the correct name. the correct name is HALLO VERA all in capitals but in the dropdown i only can choose Hallo Vera and that is now the problem that it is on a new artist-profile. THIS IS SOOO SAD. The songname is also wrong. I see you have problems with capital letters and small letters. the correct name should be 1-fach not 1-Fach. For everything it’s your fault. They told me, you sent spotify all these wrong metadata. What can we do. You need to fix that right NOW!

See. the dropdown only let me choose the profile that is wrong.


Calm down please.

If you go to your dashboard, you can see that the artist name you have entered when creating your order is “Hello Vera” and not “HELLO VERA”.

Regarding the track title, it is unfortunately not possible to format your titles in this way. The platforms (most specificaly Apple Music which you have seletected for this release) want to respect the grammatical rules of the language selected for the titles of the release and reformat them accordingly. Therefore, for titles, only the first word must be capitalised (except for acronyms, which can be written in capitals). Exceptions can be made for artists signed to major labels who have special contracts directly with the shops, but unfortunately this doesn’t apply to independent artists.


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I didn’t had another opportunity. Just this dropdown Hallo Vera. Caps and Small letters. And all other stores and Streaming services released the song correctly. I wrote also with spotify and they told me, that you gave them the wrong informations.


When you’re creating your release, you can type in whatever artist name you want, with whatever formatting you want (all caps, lowers caps, with numbers, etc…). If our Quality Assurance team needs further information from you to justify the usage of such special formatting, you will be requested to provide social media links that display the active promotion of your artist name spelled in said special formatting. Once we have that, we can distribute your music with the artist name and the correct formatting.

In your case, you haven’t spelled your artiste name in full caps in the first place as shown on the screenshot I provided you with.


Hi Carlos, but can you tell me:
Why all other shops didn’t put the release in a second Artist-Profile? Everything is right in deezer, amazon, apple music and so on. Thanks


No, I can’t as I cannot speak on behalf of the platforms.

We have delivered the same release with the same metadata to all platforms and again, Spotify has confirmed to us that the release was linked to this profile after they received the release on 12.05.2023. Why it didn’t appear in your “Upcoming Tab” ? This is up to them and we can’t tell you as a distributor.

In any case, to avoid any potential error, please make sure to write your artist name in a consistent way everywhere. If the name is “HELLO VERA”, please write it like this and not “Hello Vera”.