Release nowhere to be found

Hello everyone

Today would be my release date. But up until now (3 pm) the song can only be found on youtube music and nowhere elese. is it normal for a release to take that long?
On my imusician site it said that the song was distributed. i also got an email acknowledging that weeks ago. so where is my music and what could have went wrong?

Update: I just contacred spotify directly. Turns out, they haven’t even received my song yet. But checkung my imusician it sais it clearly: release date: 28. April 2023. Whats going on?

Hello @e.wolff , sorry to hear that! Let’s check it!

Just sent you a DM :slight_smile:

I’ve had the same issue today, was due to be released, but has only appeared on YouTube. It says as delivered, so am very confused.

They have repied to me earlier this evening. They’re saying that they’ve been having issues with ,exporting" (whatever that means) to the plattforms & that they are trying their best to get it uploaded before monady. Patiently waiting

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Any update on this? I’m still waiting for my release to appear on anything other than YouTube.

Hello @edgeoflightrecs,

I see that my colleague is already following up and contacted the shops. We will get back to you asap.

Thanks for your patience :pray:

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@Maurizio any update on this? As I haven’t heard anything further.

Its just arrived on Spotify, thanks

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