Release of album bit by bit?

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Is it possible to release songs separately but as parts of an album? I know that I saw that on streaming platforms: a song being releast as part of an album, but where the not-yet-released songs are listed as “song 3, song 4…”. i guess, for that you should just have to choose separate release dates for each song.

But: what if i don’t have all the songs finished yet? can i add them later to that album? or does imusician need the complete work at once?

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Hi @Impulse, thanks for your message and I hope I got it right.

So, it is possible to create a single release and then an album including the single. This is of course possible.

However, when a release is delivered, tracks can not be added or removed. The solution would be to take the whole release down and recreate it.

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Thanks a lot!
And is it possible to release an album where each song of it has a different release date?

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Mm @Impulse, not really! The release date must be chosen at the release level, so your album will have one release date. If you multiple releases (like separate singles), then each single-release will have one specific release date.


Hi @Melani, thank you for your answer here!
I’m also interested and wonder if I understand you well, because I’m not a native speaker.

We can release some singles one after another, and then release an album with additionnal tracks and include the singles already released into this album?

I’m taking the example of my EP: I’d like to release 3 singles and then the full EP with one additional track (total = 4 tracks). When I release the EP, I understand that I will have an option called “include some tracks already released”? Is this included in the Free option, or do we have to have the Amplify option? And last question: would it cost as much as a full album, even if I have already payed for 3 songs?

Thank you very much in advance for your answer!

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Hey @Nora, you can create the EP/Album with existing songs and new songs.

Concerning the price, no watter what subscription plan you will have, you have to pay separately for the distribution cost. You can find the pricing here:

Kudos for your music and wishing you a great day!

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Perfect, thank you very much for your kind answer!