Release of EP didn't work

HI iMusician Team,
we had 2 Single Releases in the last week and today was supposed to be the EP release including those 2 singles.
The EP Release was scheduled for today. When checking today we saw that no date was assigned to the release and we also have no possibility of changing the date or setting it (or at least we couldnt find it).
In the library the 2 singles have been released but the EP “From Two To One” is still in “unchanged” status.
Can you support us with this?
Kollektiv Kowalsky (also our Bandname)

Hi @KollektivKowalsky,
I checked your account and noticed you’ve never finalized your release, therefore it has never been paid and we haven’t receive the order.
Click here:

and provide all the required info.

Hello ! I have an amplify account but got no reply.
The artist I work for needs “special signs” : a virgule/comma and () for two songs of the Ep to be released. Unfortunately the release can not be modified anymore by myself and I could not get any answer yet for your support team.
I cannot delete the release anymore.
Could you please tell me which platform is not accepting special signs ? We found a number on Spotify and deezer. Thank you for your help!

hi @Chloe :),

Commas are accepted for titles by all the platforms.

You can contact us directly from your account by using the contact form you will find at the bottom left of the website by clicking on the “Need help?” buton. We will answer you within one or two days (weekends excluded).

If you already sent us your request via the form I invite you to wait for us to reply to you, otherwise please send us your demand via the contact form.

You’ll find more info about how to contact us here: How to get in touch with iMusician? | iMusician

Have a nice day !