Release on a wrong artist's profile

Dear iMusician Support.
Unfortunately, my release (link below) was added to the wrong artist’s profile on all major streaming platforms except Spotify, where it already has been fixed. My Artist name is “Qilin” and I produce Psytrance Music. However, the single was uploaded to a Metal Band of the same name. Can you please fix this?

My release “Eternal Longing” : iMusician

Apple Music: ‎Eternal Longing - Single - Album by Qilin - Apple Music
Amazon Music:

Further, I’d like to change my e-mail adress on iMusician. How do I do this?


Hello @Qilin,

Thank you for your message, we’re sorry to hear that the release was assigned to the wrong artist page. Don’t worry though, we can ask the platforms to fix this.

To do so, please send us for each platform where you encounter this problem. :

  1. The link of your release;
  2. The link to the wrong artist profile;
  3. The link to your artist profile (write “create a new page” if you don’t already have one).

Important note for Amazon Music: Unfortunately, we can’t request any changes for artist pages on Amazon Music. But you can try to request these changes directly with Amazon. First you would need to claim your artist profile here: Once your profile is confirmed by Amazon you can request the removal of incorrect releases from your artist page via Amazon Music for Artists :

  • Click on the incorrect album/song
  • Click on the three dot menu next to the title Select “Report Issue”
  • Once the form is complete, click “Submit”.

Amazon Music catalog experts will investigate and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

We look forward to your reply and wish you a nice day :slight_smile:

Best regards,


Here me back @Qilin , I sent you a DM to change your email address :slight_smile:


Hi @Melani ,
As I do not know wether you want the link to my iMusician profile or the artist profiles to the respective streaming platforms, I chose to put the links to the latter down below. The correct artist profiles on the following streaming platforms do not exist, since this is the first release under my new Artist name. So please create a new page.

Apple Music: ‎Qilin – Apple Music
Spotify: Not necessary, since there it is already correct
Boomplay: Apparently, my songs are not on Boomplay. Please fix this.
Jio: Apparently, my songs are not on Jio. Please fix this.
KKBOX: Hits and introductions of Qilin - KKBOX
Melon: Apparently, my songs are not on Melon Please fix this.
Tidal: Qilin on TIDAL

On all other streaming platforms, there were either no issues or I was not able to access their websites.

Here is the link to my release on iMusician: iMusician

As mentioned above, My prject called “Qilin” does not have an artist account yet and needs one on every streaming platform except for spotify.

Best regards,


Hello @Qilin , thanks for all the links!

So, we managed to send a request to: Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, KKBOX. Please note that these requests can take up to 3 weeks to be processed by the shops.
Concerning Amazon Music, please follow the steps in my first reply to you.
For the rest of the shops you mentioned, we sent another delivery update and please check within the next 2 weeks.

Kudos for your music and wishing you a great day!

All the best,