Release page is blank

I’m new to iMusician.
My album was supposedly released on the 12th, so I waited thinking maybe its the time-difference between other countries but the iMusician Release page does not contain the links to my music on the music streaming sites still. I have added three, Juno, beatport and traxsource.

Do I have to do something inorder to be released?
Thank you for your help.


Hello @kaosuke

If everything is ok in your iMusician dashboard it must be released.

I tag the expert at iMusician support to help you @Melani and @Carlos

A2D a musician like you


Hi, thank you for your reply, can you please help.
It is still blank.

Much appreciated!

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Hey @kaosuke,

Unfortunately your release was rejected by 2 of the shops you’ve selected:

  • Beatport: The custom label you’ve selected is not registered with them;
  • Traxsource: The customer label you’ve selected is not registered with them;

Regarding JUNO, the release was delivered to them on 11.06.2024 and they should upload it within the next couple of weeks. If it’s not available by the end of the month, unfortunately that will mean they rejected it as well (that’s a right they reserve).

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Thank you very much Carlos,

Once we register with them, how can we re-apply via iMusician?
Does it re-apply the release automatically or do we have to re-post or re-release the music from scratch?

Many thanks,

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