Release Richie Dagger single Killing Dreams not visible yet in Spotify

Hi, releasedate for our new single Killing Dreams is planned for today. What’s going wrong? Shouldn’t it be live already?

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It seems it’s live, but in Spotify the single is not assigned to our band profile. Can you please fix this asap?

hi @RichieDagger , can you please post the link to your song, to your artist profile and to the wrong artist profile ?

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This is the link of the single:

And this one from the band (profile) where it should be linked to:

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thanks a lot. let’s ask @Carlos if he can take a look at this :v:


Hey @RichieDagger,

I’ve sent the request to Spotify and your release will be moved to the correct artist profile within the next 3 weeks :slight_smile:



Hi Carlos,

Thanks. Where did it go wrong?

Can you check if our upcoming album (ready for delivery april 19th) is going to be linked to the right artist profile?

Best regards,


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