Release status is "Delivered", but it's still not on Spotify two days after delivery date

Hello! I paid for a release and waited for a month for it to be online, but two days after it was supposed to be released it’s still not on Spotify.
The fact that I can’t contact the support by email, and have to instead register on a separate website and then hope IM team sees my post, makes things only worse.

Can you please clarify the situation? It’s about release with EAN 4066218771404

Hey @Jeyana

Thank you for your message.

@Carlos from the iMusician Team will contact you shortly to solve your problem.

Please be patient. There is no work on weekends. That’s why you can’t expect a response until next week.

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Hello @Jeyana,

I’ve forwarded the issue to our team so they can look into it. I’ll keep you updated once I get more info :slight_smile: