Releases linked to the wrong profile on Spotify

My latest two uploads were linked to the wrong profile:
iMusician releases 3568020 and 3566437

At the moment the releases are linked to: (WRONG)

These two releases should be linked to the following profiles: (CORRECT)

Thanks for your help.

I’d like to add here that I don’t have an Artist account on Spotify and I don’t see how I can get one (don’t have a website nor a Social Media profile for this band since it doesn’t exist anymore).

Hi @sinoma

if you don’t have a Spotify for Artists access yet, you can always contact them here:


Thanks for your answer.

I already contacted them. They won’t give me an Artist access since I can’t provide a website or Twitter/IGR account. As I said that band doesn’t exist anymore. Is there no way iMusician can interfere here?

Hey @Melani @Carlos can you please help to get a new profile for @sinoma ?

Hi @sinoma, what we can do is ask Spotify to move the releases from the current wrong profile to a new artist page. I’m not sure however if you’ll be able to request access to it afterwards since you cannot provide the social links required for verification. Would that work for you ?