Releasing without label, Change Label Name, Crediting, Multiple Producer


  1. I’ve just started and wanted to release a song but I don’t have a label. Can I still release a song?
  2. Because of that, I’ve just typed anything “0000” in the input field. Is it possible to change it to “DaveOS Music”?
  3. Is it possible to have multiple producers? Because I was only able to put in one producer name
  4. If I credit producers, do I have to include their real names or are just the artist names enough?
  5. Apple Music / iTunes Performer: Do I have to include real names or can I just use my artist name?

Thank you very much in advance,


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Hello @DaveDave, thanks for your message.

I entered DaveOS Music for you but as you are on a FREE plan, your label will be iMusician I DaveOS Music. Otherwise, you can also buy a premium label so that the branding is not appearing.

Now you can see this one:

You can credit many producers, however contributors and performers must be entered with their legal names. Artist names are not accepted anymore for contributors and performers.

Hope this helps and all the best,


Thank you very much for the quick answer.

One more question concerning artist name for producer.
If I just enter the artist name of the producers without their real name, I am getting a red warning flag. Can I still continue with the procedure without their real names?

Thank you in advance

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Hello @DaveDave

No. The legal names of the producers etc. must be entered. These are the shops’ guidelines. It doesn’t work without it. This information is mandatory.


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