Remove old tracks from Spotify

Hi, can iMusician help me to remove two old tracks from Spotify that were published with iMusician Digital back in 2010? I asked Spotify they would not do it, they referred to the “source” which is iMusician Digital.

Hey @botorn,

You should be able to do that from your iMusician Dashboard (Here’s the whole process).

Let me know if you need further assistance!

Hi, thanks but the release was done 2010, I guess long before this dashboard existed. At the time I just sent my tracks to some company who arranged the upload to Spotify (the offered a release to Spotify with no cost). I now see in the meta-data, in Spotify, of the tracks that the source is iMusician Digital. So I would need someone to delete the tracks. I can send the track id:s of course.

Got it,
Let me see what I can do for you here :slight_smile:
I’m sending you a DM