Remove tracks and album


I have problems uploading my albums Angst 1999 and Småplugga.
I can’t find the publishers for the cover versions.

I want you to delete 3 tracks from Angst 1999.
EAN 7610096022881

The three tracks are:

  • One hundred ways
  • Song for Henry
  • Continuum

I want you to delete the whole album Småplugga
EAN 7610096024663

The artwork for Angst 1999 is updated.


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Hello @rogerandreas

I tag @Maurizio and @Fabiola from iMusician to support you in the update.

A2D an indie musician


Hey @rogerandreas , I removed the 3 tracks from your release 7610096022881 and we will proceed forward with the delivery.

Plus, I cancelled the release 7610096024663 and please note that if you want to deliver it again, you must create it again from scratch. Generally, artworks must be clear and sharp as shops have very strict guidelines. I also refunded you the partial amount of 10€ in promo credits that you can use for a purchase next time.