Remplacer l'audio d'un album, ou supprimer un album?

Peut-on :

  • soit remplacer l’audio d’un album existant par une nouvelle version audio, et ce afin que ce soit diffusé partout
  • soit entièrement supprimer l’album existant … à moi ensuite d’en créer un nouveau avec la nouvelle version ?
    Comment ensuite vous contacter pour procéder à l’une ou l’autre solution ?
    Avec mes remerciements

dear @BR68 as far as I know it is not possible to replace the audio of an already released album but you can obviously proceed with the second option:

but let’s first ask @Melani from iMusician Team if I’m right :v:

Thank you Andi for the link !
edit : The second option seems to be the right. For modifications an Amplify+ account is needed (not my case)

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I’m not sure if even with Amplify+ this would be possible but if, you could opt for an Amplify+, make the modifications and then decide if you want to keep it or just switch back to Amplify or Free the next month :v:

Clever :slight_smile:

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but let’s see first what @Melani can tell us :v:

Bonjour everone @Andi and @BR68 :))

Modifications after delivery are possible for AMPLIFY+ customers :slight_smile:
Be aware that we can not change the artist name! @BR68 please subscribe to our AMPLIFY+ plan and you can reach out to us through the dashboard itself!

Please link the WeTransfer link or dropbox with the audio file! Let’s get it done :muscle:


Thank you Melani !
I think the titel of the album will also be changed, and the lenghts and the number of tracks. Best, when I’m ready, I delete the album and create a new.