Replace or remove a release from all platforms

A couple of years ago, my band released a single, “My Own Demon”. Next month, we’re releasing a full album, including said single, but a re-recorded and better sounding version of the song.
Is it possible to a) replace the song in the existing release (for keeping the streaming numbers and discography) or b) remove the old single?

Hey @2clever

It is possible to replace the audio. However - I don’t see the benefits to you and your band?

By releasing a new “version” (e.g. re-mastered) you’ll benefit from the algorithm in shops picking this up as “new”,(e.g. Release Radar on Spotify)
You’ll also be “respecting” how the ISRC system is supposed to work (e.g. you don’t replace, you just “re-issue”).

There’s no downside to leaving your old release up (and keeping the streaming data etc).

Hope that helps, lemme know if you have any further issues

Also, hit me up with a link to the track!

Hmm, maybe I didn’t explain my case the best way! The case is that we now have a new version of the song - re-recorded, not just remastered, and we think it’s vastly superior to the old version. Thus, we’d rather not have people playing the old one. So I was thinking that an option would be to replace the old version with the new one on the existing single release. The new version obvs already has a new ISRC.

Here’s a link to the track on Spotify (old version, obviously): Spotify

If it is a new version, with a new ISRC then I’d definitely say it is a new release.

If you want to takedown the old version then you can request this through the platform. I’d still say to leave the old version up, especially if it is in playlists etc.