Reply on why my song was removed from some online stores

Can I get a reply from Imusiciandigital on why my song that I released last year as been removed from some online stores recently. I paid $20 rockstar plan for the release. I need a reply from Imusiciandigital immediately?

Hey @AlmightyBillionaire

Once a track is delivered, the stores should keep it online. If a shop is removing the track then it is normally for one of the following reasons (and it isn’t iMusician that is doing this):

  1. Incorrect MetaData / format
  2. Use of licensed content without a licence (e.g. incorrect use of beats)
  3. Artificial promotion. (bot)

It is usually number 3. (artificial stream boosting ) that trips people up. I know the shops are trying to reduce these fraudulent streams but I also believe that a lot of “innocent” artists can easily get caught up in this. (I genuinely hope that the shops are more clever with their fraud detection algorithm than just picking up on artists getting a lot of streams in one location, but sometimes I’m not so sure :face_with_raised_eyebrow: )

So let’s assume that it is this for now; then let’s find out what is potentially causing it so that it doesn’t happen in the future; continually having your tracks taken down may result in your earnings being withheld / recalled by the shops so we better get this sorted:

  1. Do you use any music promotion services?
  2. Have you done anything different with the tracks that have been taken down?
  3. (not accusing) But do you have any thoughts on what this could be?

@SimonG I have not done anything different with the tracks. I only included the song link of the track on the stores it was taken down to a fanlink before it was taken down. I also informed @maurizo that this track was distributed by Imusiciandigital last year to all stores and the track distributed this year should be distributed to all stores as well, he @Maurizio told me the new song will be distributed to the missing stores and few days later the old song released in 2022 was taken down from the stores (Anghami, Tidal, Quboz, KKbox etc). I want the track I released this year to distribute to.

They have the same title of song but different instrumentals and artwork.

Anghami for example is saying the Artiste or label took down the song which does not make sense because I did not order the take down of the song . I have not started to promote the song the question of fake bots is out of the equation. I can send you a screenshot of what Anghami of the stores is saying. You need to fix this issue immediately.

Thoughts on why this happen when I told @Maurizio that my song released this year was missing on some online stores. He said he will fix it by submitting it to the missing online stores. A couple of days after he said has submitted the song released in 2023, the song released in 2022 was taken down by the missing stores (Anghami, Tidal Quboz KKbox etc).

I don’t know what happened. I just checked the missing online stores the song released in 2023 In now online in some of the missing online stores like tidal, Quboz and the one released in 2022 was in not there. The mistake must be from your end you need to fix it immediately

Can I get a reply from Imusiciandigital?