Request for Agreement: Copyright Dispute on YouTube

Hey fellow forum members,

I hope you’re all doing well! I wanted to reach out to discuss a copyright infringement claim I recently received on my YouTube channel, [Mr. Band]. I value your opinions and insights, and I’m seeking advice on how to address this matter in a fair and constructive manner.

To provide some context, I understand the importance of protecting intellectual property rights, and I want to ensure that I’m complying with all relevant regulations. My main objective is to be part of the YouTube Partner Program, which requires me to have proper documentation or consent from the copyright owner for any content used.

I want to emphasize that my intentions are not centered around financial gain from someone else’s work. Instead, I aim to obtain the necessary permissions to continue using the content while respecting the original creator’s rights.

Now, I kindly request your guidance on how to proceed with resolving this issue. If any of you have faced similar situations before or have experience dealing with copyright claims, I would greatly appreciate your advice and suggestions. Specifically, I’m seeking assistance in obtaining the required permissions or documentation to demonstrate my compliance with the YouTube Partner Program’s guidelines.

I genuinely want to find a positive solution that benefits both parties involved. If any specific terms or conditions should be considered, please let me know, as I’m open to discussion and negotiation.

If, unfortunately, an agreement cannot be reached, I will have no choice but to comply with the copyright claim and remove the content in question. However, I firmly believe that by working together and fostering understanding, we can find common ground.

Thank you for taking the time to read my message, and I eagerly await your responses. If you have any insights or additional details that could assist me, please don’t hesitate to reach out. You can contact me at [DELETED BY MODERATOR]

Best regards,


Hi there, please do not share personal information such as email here!
I’m not sure to understand why you’re writing here. You didn’t state your problem: what copyright is YouTube claiming? On what video? What’s the context? What’s the link with iMusician? Are you an artist distributed by iMusician?
You didn’t give us enough information. I might know some things, but please explain a bit more first.

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Thank you for your response. I apologize for not providing enough information initially. Here are the details of my situation:

YouTube has issued a copyright infringement claim against me for the label ‘2 Dan To Sey’ on the following videos:

  1. MUZICA CU BASS :star: #28 :star: 2017/2018 :star:
  2. MUZICA CU BASS :zap: #34 :zap: 2018 :zap:
  3. MUZICA CU BASS :muscle: #60 :muscle: 2018 :muscle:
  4. Muzica cu Bass Puternic :bomb: #28 :sound: 2023

The reason for the claim is that iMusician, the distributor of the label, has initiated the copyright infringement claim. However, I have been unable to find any contact information for iMusician or the label to address this matter directly.

My intention is to dispute the copyright claim as I believe I have not infringed upon any copyright. Alternatively, if necessary, I am willing to modify the titles of the posts to ensure proper credit is given to the artists involved, not just in the description.

I would appreciate any guidance or assistance you can provide to help me resolve this issue and ensure compliance with YouTube’s policies. Thank you!

In addition, I would like to find a mutual agreement with iMusician or the label ‘2 Da_n To Se_y’ that would grant me permission to continue using the songs in question without infringing on any copyrights. My primary goal is not to profit from these videos; I simply want to ensure that I have the necessary permissions to be in compliance with YouTube’s policies. It would be unfortunate to have to remove these clips, considering they have garnered a significant number of views and engagement.

If anyone has information on how I can reach iMusician or the ‘2 D_mn S_xy’ label to discuss this matter or if there are any alternative suggestions for resolving the copyright claim, I would greatly appreciate your assistance. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Well, as I see it, and I’ve checked the videos you mentioned, you’re currently publishing videos where you just add a “random” picture and use the song of someone else.
These videos seem to exist for the sole purpose of attracting viewers using the songs, am I wrong?

So yeah, YouTube is right by claiming those videos since you used these songs without the permission of their owner. It was a risk you chose. Legally, you should have first asked for the permission and waited. Then 2 cases:

  1. they gave you permission, then they would have added you to their YT allowlist and nothing would have happened.
  2. they refuse and you wouldn’t have used these songs (and if you had, while they said “no”, they would do everything to claim your videos).

It’s simple: currently, you’re using music illegally. Since from the copyright infringement you know who the groups are, it’s your “job” to contact them through social media (they should have some) and deal with them to see if they’re OK with you using their songs in this way.
iMusician cannot give consent on this matter: the copyright still belongs to the group, not the distributor. iMusician has no legal right to give permission for something like this without the permission of the owners of the songs.

EDIT: I see other problems (for example with your Google form for submitting music), but I’ll stop here for now.
Oh. And I truly hope that you’re not remixing these songs…

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Thank you for expressing your thoughts, although I must point out that some of the language used in your previous message felt insulting to me. Nonetheless, I understand that you have concerns about the format and content of my videos. I appreciate your perspective, but I’d like to provide some additional context.

While it may appear that my videos consist of random pictures and songs, there is actually a deliberate strategy behind their creation. As a content creator, I carefully select music that resonates with my target audience. This involves understanding the concept of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and utilizing effective marketing techniques to reach the desired viewership.

I acknowledge that using copyrighted songs without permission is a legal concern, and I understand the importance of obtaining proper licenses or permissions from the copyright owners. I strive to comply with copyright laws and respect the rights of artists and creators. I apologize if it seemed otherwise.

Regarding the issue of contacting the copyright owners directly, it’s not always a straightforward process to reach them through social media or other channels. In some cases, contacting distributors like iMusician can be an initial step to initiate communication with the copyright owners. However, I recognize that ultimately, it’s the responsibility of the copyright owners to grant permission for the use of their songs.

I would also like to emphasize that my videos are more than just a combination of pictures and music. They are carefully crafted to appeal to a specific category of viewers and employ marketing strategies to generate views and engagement. This is a valuable skill in the market, and it contributes to the success of the music and the artists involved.

I understand that you may have concerns and critiques, and I appreciate your feedback. I’m always open to learning and improving my content creation process. If you have any specific suggestions or ideas on how I can enhance the overall experience for viewers while respecting copyright laws, I would be glad to hear them.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to express your thoughts, and I hope we can have a constructive conversation on this matter.
+++ Furthermore, I understand your concern about the submission form provided in the video descriptions. I acknowledge that it may not be the best method for collecting submissions, and I apologize for any inconvenience caused. Moving forward, I have decided to discontinue using that form and will explore official submission platforms that are more suitable. I will remove the link from the descriptions immediately.

First of all, I apologize for my first two sentences. I understand why you might find it insulting, even though it wasn’t my intention to hurt you.

Secondly, for the label mentioned you can find their email in any of their videos (example: Itchy Booty - Damn 2 Sexy , Esh (Official Audio) - YouTube and I believe this is one the songs you got a claim from). Usually, you can find their social media by typing their name on Google (keywords to add with their name: label, music, album, name of one song). Unless they signed with a major, which is a whole new problem, they’ll have created their own Instagram and/or Facebook page, and their own YouTube channel. There you can find an email, or on FB and IG you can send them a DM.

Lastly, if you care about being respectful to the law, you should never publish anything (be it an image, an audio, a video) without the artist’s permission first. That’s my best advice. The situation would be a tiny bit different if you were using samples from old songs and the copyright owners were impossible to find, but in your case it’s litterally using their songs in your videos without them knowing. It’s unethical (to me at least) and illegal (according to copyright laws).

Ah and for your Google form, I mentioned it because what bothered me was what you said in the introduction paragraph. But if you decided to change that and do it another way, that’s cool.

(As an artist myself I’m very emotional talking about this issue. However, I approve your decision to try and do better, and I hope that my way of talking isn’t aggressive to you. If so, I apologize in advance.)