Request Payout

I got an e-mail yesterday. The mail was just like this."The money from your music sales should be in your bank account by now.* " but I still haven’t received the money. Can you help me?

Hello @Saymen,

Please contact your bank provider so they can provide you more info. On our end, the payment has been issued.

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They told me that money was still coming from the bank. Still no money coming in.

@Saymen, unfortunately we don’t have further info on the transfer. It has been initiated at the end of last week and so far all there is to do is wait until the money reaches your bank. Thank you for your patience.


Is there an official promissory note or check for the money to be sent?

Please give me an explanation. It has been more than 2 months now and the money has still not been transferred to my bank account. Since “paid” is written, it has been more than a week and I still haven’t received it. What happens? What should I do? Please help me with this, I’m asking.


We’re looking into it, I’ll get back to you in DM once I hear back from the accounting team. For now (and for the last time) please be patient.