Request to move my Beatport label to another distributor

Hello. I need to release one song through Ditto Music. I´ve been told to request my former distributor, iMusician, to transfer my Beatport Label to them. Could you please do so?
My artist name is Synerphonic and my Beatport label name is Amoeboidly Music. Thank you.
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Hi @synerphonic Ditto needs to request the label switch via Beatport and we’ll receive their request and have to agree.
I’ve asked if we have such a request from Ditto and will let you know shortly.

Hi @synerphonic We’ve not yet received a request from Ditto fro the switch.

Please ask Ditto to request the label switch and we’re ready to accept. Once this has been done, Ditto can go ahead and distribute your release to Beatport.