Requested Feedback outstanding 2/4. Cannot find the remaining issues

Dear Support,

I am trying to resolve all the release issues after my quality check.

I successfully edited the release title. But under “Tracks” I can only find 2 out of 4 issues. Thus, I was only able to edit and check 2. What are my remaining 2 issues? I simply cannot find it.

Deleting the track as previously requested is no option after all since i do want to upload it!

The order of concern has invoice number #3232254

Thanks for your help.

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Hello @Aufschneider

Thanks for your message.

@Melani or @Christoph will get back to you shortly.

You can expect an answer next week. No one from the Team works at this time and on weekends.


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Hello @Aufschneider and @cantheproducer , hope you had a great weekend!

I checked your release and it has been refunded by my colleague. We credited the promo credits in your account and you can use them to purchase a new release. The problems with your release were that:

  1. the artwork did not contain the artist name. Artwork must contains release title and artist name. In your case, as they are the same, you should have entered two times the same title.
    2.You selected that composer was traditional but it is not.

Hope this helps for the future and have a great day!