Revenue Splits are here!

If you’re tired of spending hours figuring out who gets what when it comes to royalties, we’ve got some great news: our new feature, Revenue Splits, makes sharing earnings with your collaborators so much easier.

Here’s what it does:

:bar_chart: No More Math: Forget about manually dividing royalties and worrying about mistakes. Our system does all the work for you, so you can get back to creating awesome music.

:moneybag: Clear and Transparent: You can easily track how much everyone is earning, plus you get to see your earnings history. It’s all right there, no more guessing games.

:art: Easy Collaboration: Adding or removing collaborators? No problem. You’re in charge, and you can adjust things whenever you need to.

:no_entry_sign: No Extra Fees: We believe you should keep what you earn. That’s why we don’t take any fees or commissions. What you make is what you keep.

Revenue Splits are now available for all our AMPLIFY+ subscribers. Give it a try and keep your focus on making amazing music! Let’s do this!

Check out our FAQ article for more information.


Hello @Maurzio

That’s a great feature for bands ! :comet::comet:



Hey @A2D,

yes we were so much looking forward to having this feature available!! Thanks for your feedback :raised_hands:


C’est une très belle initiative ! Merci !!!