Rhiannon - Karaoke Version of A Thousand Years


I am currently in the running to be the Opening Act at this years We Can Survive concert. It is in California at Hollywood Bowl. The winner gets $10,000 and will be the Opening Act at the concert. The voting starts July 11th. I will send the link when it starts. Please make sure you vote for me. My dream is to sing professionally. All I ever want to do is be a professional singer. This is an opportunity for that.

I have also posted the song that got me into the competiton. Check that out to.

I should also mention that the concert raises awareness for breast cancer.


Thanks for sharing @renewman :slight_smile:

Keep us posted on the voting!

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Here is the link to my artist page

Good luck @renewman!

Thank you. Make sure to vote for me when it starts @zirnoise

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