Rockstar EP Builder than - and now?

Hey guys,

I wanted to release two singles with the EP Builder last year but wasn’t able to make it in time.
Now that I’m finally done, I can not release as in “rockstar”-mode anymore (All shops, no commission). How can I even use my EP-Builder now without paying extra for the Amplify±Upgrade ?


No admin here? It’s not like this is a question for the community, but you don’t give us a choice anymore.

hello @JanMichaelson Thanks for your patience.

Unfortunately, at the moment there is no way to publish your release without a subscription and 0% commission.

But in return, you can publish a larger number of releases for the same value of promo credits, as we have lowered the prices per release by up to 80%. You can always sign up for a monthly subscription to benefit from all additional features and all stores.

If you downgrade to the Free Plan afterward, your release will still remain online indefinitely (10% commission).

With our current release prices, for 150 € Promo Credits you could buy 6 singles plus even subcribe for 1 year to AMPLIFY+. We think this is a good deal in comparison.

Hello @JanMichaelson We’ve decided to give you the opportunity to use the Promo Credits of your previous bought package with the initial conditions. Please contact me here via DM for more info.