Rockstar incomplete


I have release an album with rockstar and Artist hub +
I have chosen 12 platform and I can only see 2 in Artist Hub : "Faton's Dreams" - Pascal Georges joue François Faton Cahen
I tried to find the artist in the platform but nothing comes. How can I have a real status of the delivery ?

Thanks for your help

Hi @tnd

I’ve updated your Artist Hub and you should be able to see more shops over there within the next hour.

I was also able to find the release on Spotify here:

Thank you @Christoph
I now see Deezer. On this platform I’m not able to find the album, and it seem that maker and author are switched : It is written " Faton’s Dreams par François “Faton” Cahen " instead of " Faton’s Dreams par Pascal Georges"
Do you think I made a mistake in the publish form ? I just check and I see Pascal Georges as main artist in the album description…so, do you have an idea ?

Hi, did you have any time to check this issue ?

For the initial question, I now see QOBUZ, YOUTUBE, DEEZER and SPOTIFY. But not the 12 platform chosen in backend.

Thanks for your help

Hello @tnd

Seems like we need to take a closer look here. I’ve sent you a dm.