Rockstar incomplete


I have release an album with rockstar and Artist hub +
I have chosen 12 platform and I can only see 2 in Artist Hub : Faton's Dreams
I tried to find the artist in the platform but nothing comes. How can I have a real status of the delivery ?

Thanks for your help

Hi @tnd

I’ve updated your Artist Hub and you should be able to see more shops over there within the next hour.

I was also able to find the release on Spotify here:

Thank you @Christoph
I now see Deezer. On this platform I’m not able to find the album, and it seem that maker and author are switched : It is written " Faton’s Dreams par François “Faton” Cahen " instead of " Faton’s Dreams par Pascal Georges"
Do you think I made a mistake in the publish form ? I just check and I see Pascal Georges as main artist in the album description…so, do you have an idea ?

Hi, did you have any time to check this issue ?

For the initial question, I now see QOBUZ, YOUTUBE, DEEZER and SPOTIFY. But not the 12 platform chosen in backend.

Thanks for your help

Hello @tnd

Seems like we need to take a closer look here. I’ve sent you a dm.

Hi @Christoph,
I did fill the form 2 weeks ago. Did you have any chance to investigate ?

Hi @tnd Sorry to hear that. I’ve just sent you another DM to get this sorted asap.

Hello @Christoph
I never received your DM. Can you re send it ?

Hi @tnd just sent you another one.

Hi @Christoph
Sorry for the delay, I did not receive any form.
Can you send another one ? The problem is still there


Hi Tony,

just send me all your details and questions right here in your answer.

Thank you.


I have already send you a ton of informations.
Basically, I have paid for a Rockstar delivery, and choose 18 platform. Today, I only have 4 platform available.
Here a snapshot of what is expected :

I send a snapshot of what I get in next post

Here is what I get instead of 18 platforms, only 4 are available online
Capture d’écran, le 2023-02-24 à 19.03.21

Can you please make it work

Hello @tnd I had a quick look into this and noticed that we are facing some challenges with some shops when it comes to finding classical releases. I manually added the missing ones and we will figure out how to deal with these kind of releases in the future. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Please note that we do not provide links for every shop you selected.
Also it looks like that USA wasn’t selected therefore Pandora is not applicable.

I also had a quick peek into your music and felt relaxed, thank you, truly beautiful!

@Christoph about JunoDownload, you might want to check with the delivery team, this is the one shop missing where we should be able to get some links but I didn’t find the release anywhere, thanks!

Thank you @Chris for your investigation, and help.
There is now 8 platform, I understand that the 10 missing are not possible because USA is not targeted and for some of them because of the music style ?

Thank you for your feedback about music, I will transfer it to my father :slight_smile:
Have a nice week-end

Hi @tnd Happy that we could help and thanks for your patience.

JunoDownload is only for electronic music genres and some of the other shops that are missing from the player still have the release online but not all offer an integration is such a player yet.

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