Royalties - With which platform you earn the most?

Hey there,

I’m about to release my first single and was wondering about the royalties topic. I am aware it’s tough out here and low payout rates are common. Beatport stands it has the highest streaming royalty payout rate for artists: Streaming Royalties: Beatport Supports Artists with Highest Payout Rate

Anyone here can confirm if this is true?
Interested to know from which platform you earn the most.

@cantheproducer @A2D

Any experience with Beatport payouts?

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Hi @SimonG

Currently, I have only 1 or 2 singles & 1 EP on Beatports & no payout :thinking:

A2D music download - Beatport

I have tried to distribute in exclusive but it does not work. One of my single are once in hype flair :wink:

Hey Simon,

ich nutze kein Beatport, und kann dementsprechend leider keine Erfahrungen teilen.

Viele Grüße