Rules for YouTube Monetization

1.Can I know the rules for YouTube Monetization?

  1. Do I have to pay for YouTube Monetization for radio edit of my song?

  2. Do I have to pay for YouTube Monetization for speed up version of my song?

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Hello @AlmightyBillionaire I’m a moderator doing my best to give you hints,

When you select youtube monetization for one of your song you have a list of rules that appears that you must confirm before you can do it with the interface of iMusician

A faq about youtube monetization

I tag @Maurizio and @Carlos from iMusician support to give you the complementary info about youtube monetization for radio edit and speed up version or your song

The support is closed the week-end

A DIY musician in electronic music like you, trying to help each other :wink::ok_hand::notes:


Hey @AlmightyBillionaire,

  1. The eligibility criterias are available here: What Kind Of Content Is Not Eligible For YouTube Content ID? | iMusician

  2. You cannot monetize a radio edit of your song as alternate version of a track are not eligible to CID monetization.

  3. Same as n°2.

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1.According to ChatGPT Any Alteration or changes to a public domain work be it mixing and mastering, copyright of their new work belongs to the person that made the changes. With that said, if I have a song that as piece of. Public domain Work, that have made changes to via mixing and mastering, can my song qualify for YouTube Monetization?

  1. If the answer is no to question, one can I monetize the radio edit instead of the main track while I am about to release the song?
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  1. Can I submit a speed up version of my song to Spotify Editorial Playlist via imusiciandigital?
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dear @AlmightyBillionaire please don’t open new topics on the same argument, I moved your latest here, as that’s where the topic has started, I am not sure if I understood the difference between what you posted today to the original question that was already answered above, but let’s see if @Carlos can go deeper into it :v:



  1. Not according to YouTube’s eligibility guidelines. If you want to check deeper into this specific case, I invite you to contact YouTube directly.

  2. You can monetize the radio edit as long as the original doesn’t already have an active CID. The rule is that you cannot monetize alternative versions of a track that’s already monetized with Content ID.

  3. Yes, you can submit any track as long as you haven’t already submitted it to before (basically, you can pitch a track only once).

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@Carlos 1.can I release a song that as a sample of work on public domain on YouTube and the online stores?

  1. Because of the mixing and mastering done to public domain work, i can say I own the copyright version of the public domain work on my song. So can I release it through imusiciandigital?

3.For Spotify Editorial Playlist can I submit a song released last year? Must it be a song that is released this year?

4.also for the Spotify Editorial Playlist can I submit a song that I want to change ( I mean modification)which as be released or it as to be a new release song?

  1. Can I put the speed up version of my song in a different genre and or must it have the same genre as the original?

  2. Can I submit Instrumentals to Spotify Editorial Playlist?


  1. Yes but you cannot monetize it with CID.
  2. Yes but you cannot monetize it with CID.
  3. No, you can pitch tracks only once.
  4. If the track has already been release, you cannot pitch it again (even if you’ve modified it).
  5. That’s an artistic decision that’s up to you, but I’d personaly say that if you only speed up the track that’s not really a change of genre.
  6. Yes. All of Spotify’s pitching criterias are listed on this page.

Best :slight_smile:


@Carlos 1. To clarify can I submit a speed up version of a song I released last year. So the original was released last year. The sped up version I want to release this year. Can I submit to Spotify Editorial Playlist the speed up version I want release this year.

  1. question1 regarding submitting Instrumentals I want to release this year, but it’s the Instrumentals of a song I released last year (Spotify Editorial Playlist)

  2. For song modification. If I want to change a song must it be the same length as the current song on the online stores. For example the current Song is 3:51 long, the version I want to replace it with is 3:40 long. Can I replace the current version with the 3:40 version.

  3. For song modification can I make the following modification

a. Add to credits ( add another name to mixing and mastering)
b. Include Notes
c. Change label
d. Change preview Time
e. Change release date
f. change genre

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