Sales Data Unavailable Your sales data may not be currently available, we working to resolve the issue as soon as possible

I’ve received the “Sales Data Unavailable” error message for months. My tracks were released in January and it is now June. Other distributors have paid out since then on a shorter timeframe.

Hey @boilerplate

thanks for your message.

@Carlos @Maurizio can you please take a closer look at this? Thank you! :v:

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Hello @boilerplate,

The error message “Sales Data Unavailable” is due to a technical problem that occured in March 2023, after which our technical team had to reduce the sales data overview to one year only. We are currently working on resolving this issue, so thank you in advance for your patience regarding this :slight_smile:

However this doesn’t affect the payout of your revenues. Your earnings are available on your dashboard 4 months after the sale was made and you can request them as payouts. All of this is explained here :

Have a nice day!