Seeing my stream numbers

is it currently impossible for me to see my streaming numbers without paying for some monthly subscription? i used to be able to see the amount of streams next to the payout amount.

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Hello @yotamp

Support of iMusician will answer, I tag @Maurizio

But a hint, you can always take the subscription for one month & back to the free zone to see your full musicial data :wink: :v:


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if the hint is paying for a subscription model thats not a hint thats pay-to-win ):


Another one then free, if you are mainly on Spotify that you can analyze your date in Spotify Artist App - this is more than 80% the usual stats :wink: :v:

Currently, on iMusician they said there is a reduction of 30% on the subscription - this means if you subscribe for a month in place to pay the full year you will pay 1/12 (for a month) & 1/12 - 30% with my hint.

I have not found lower than that but if you found it share us the info.


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Hello everyone.

Thanks @A2D, nice tips!

It’s still possible to check your performance, even without a subscription:

What you can get with analytics is a more powerful tool that shows:

Of course trends are only temporary numbers, as shown by the shops. If you want to have a detailed overview of your earnings you can check them (no matter if you have a subscription or not) here:


That graph is no good, im sorry. having to hover over each day individually and do basic math to get an idea of how many streams I’ve gotten in a month is a backwards solution made to push your users to buy a subscription. Same with the sales data. There used to be a very simple page showcasing all of my payouts alongside that months stream numbers.

I’ve been using this platform for around 8 years now, with the rockstar package and lack of subscription model being the main incentive. Getting used to a good product and having it become worse overtime stinks, but i guess thats capitalism.

Thanks for your feedback, @yotamp.

Wow, 8 years is a lot. Glad to have you with us.

I totally understand your point. Still, we didn’t remove any feature. We only made it part of a broader offer, with a fair price.
Like @A2D said, you can check your trends on your Spotify for Artists or other shops dashboards, and do a comparison with the daily trends on the basic graph.

I hope you will stay with us. And, if you have any questions or doubts, I’ll be happy to get back to you.


you didnt remove features, but you put existing ones behind a pay wall, ones that made your service great; customer support via email, seeing stream numbers, the rockstar plan. now your service is like most other music distribution platforms which is a shame since i do think your service used to be a notch above all others.