Selling Price on ITunes

Where can I choose the amount my release will be sold for on ITunes?

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Hello @LarissaBaumann

Thanks for your message.

Usually, the price is set to 0.99 $/€ /per track, i.e. in iTunes. It´s not possible to change the price while creating the release. If you want to change the prices, the team has to do it manually.

However, this would involve additional costs and therefore it might be practical to have an AMPLIFY+ plan for a month or a year.



Thanks for your answer, on iTunes Switzerland this would be 1.90 CHF per Track? And the whole album for 14 CHF? Most of the albums and tracks that I checked were at this price…


I would mention @Carlos from the team for further information :slight_smile:

You can expect an answer next week. No one from the Team works on weekends.



Hey @LarissaBaumann, Apple is the one making decisions about the prices on their platforms. Unfortunately, as a distributor, there isn’t much we can do to change that :confused:

Please keep in mind that the pricing is not fixed and can vary between releases, so even if you see some releases priced at 14 CHF it doesn’t necessarily mean that it applies to yours (again, that’s up to Apple).