September 2023 Sales Report

Hello friends, I hope you are well.

I noticed in the September 2023 sales report that there has been a huge drop in streaming on my account compared to the last 7 months:
In the month of September only 9,045 appear.
I would like to ask you if there is any error?


Hello @alcapone, the stats you find in the sales reports are the one we receive from the shops. Please note that every shop has now a system in place to detect the validity of streams and when they find suspicious activities, they might remove the fraudulent streams. However, if you notice difference in your Shop Analytics and the sales stats, we can conduct a cross analysis for you.

I just sent you a DM :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply.
Checking the statistics through Spotify Artist, and selecting the period of the month of September, 27,046 streams appear (attached screenshot), however, on the imusician platform there are a total of 9,045 including all stores and downloads. Is Imusician’s report correct? Thank you

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The same thing happens to me with the September statistics. They are much inferior to what Spotify For Artist declares, there must be some error. They are investigating it.


Hello again, I’ll ask it another way, why don’t Spotify’s statistics match Imusician’s statistics? Thank you

Hi everyone @alcapone and @Andy, I would like to give you some information on the matter. First of all, there is not direct correlation between counted streams and monetized streams.

When comes to trends (streams counted on a daily basis by the shops), we have our Music Analytics tool that is reflecting the numbers from shops with a possible delay of 2-5 days. Have a read here:

For our experience, a difference of 200streams on a release is not considered as significant because each shop has its own detecting systems that monitor fradulent streams. One thing sure is that the number you see on our tool is directly sent by the shops themselves.

Considering the revenue, please note that not every stream that is counted is monetized. Plus, there is no a certain price per stream but it can change due to different factors: geography, type of user (free or with premium), royalties split with distributors and the specific royalty system of each shop.

Additionally to the topic of the revenue, please note that we receive sales data with 4-5 months delay. This month we will be processing the sales revenue for the month of October 2023, therefore some adjustments might happen in the sales data of the incoming month.

Hope this explains and have a great day!


Personally, I am not convinced by your explanation. I don’t know their ability to investigate what happened, Imusician states that one of my artists had 546 plays in September, when in reality he has more plays every day. Each one draws conclusions from it, and we will see what decisions we make.

I have many acquaintances in the industry and I belong to the board of directors of a composers’ association. We’ll see what happens next month. I just hope that the money they took from me doesn’t go to Imusician.

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Also check the possibility that Spotify is sabotaging you. This is a business and I see this possible.

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Ok, good observation, Spotify also has direct communication channels with artists, you might wonder what sales report they have sent to Imusician.


Hi @alcapone and @Andy again, thanks for sharing your opinions.

Sales revenue and data are directly coming from the shops, there is no way for us to collect such numbers otherwise. If you have concerns about how the streams are being monetized, I would advise you to check each shop’s guidelines and royalty systems as they differ per shop, per geographical location and type of listener.

As the distributor, we only retain the commission connected to your subscription and in case of AMPLIFY+, the artists are keeping 100% of the revenue. We are aware that this is a hot topic and sadly, as also a smaller business than Spotify or the online shops, many procedures remain hidden to us as well. As done with both of you, what we can do is to check the trends of your releases which is something that should remain similar over time, considering that a discrepancy of max 200 is not significant.
Plus, as you might have heard, every shop is now committed into fighting fraudulent activities and they might “invalidate” streams that are considered fraudulent at a later stage.

Please for any other specific question, I would also recommend to check on Spotify Community. I am still working on your investigations, I ll make sure to get back to you asap! :slight_smile:

Have a great day both!


In September there is clearly an error: For my artist Martin C. Petrucci Spotify declares 15600 streams and Imusician 546 streams.

I just hope that in October they compensate me for the transmissions they took from me.

Ok, just an observation. In my case, all the launches by Imusician were before 2023, the AMPLIFY plan did not yet exist and I did not request the change to this plan either. That is, the commission on the profits from my launches is 0%. Can you check that I have not been charged this commission?

If you have not released music after the business model change, then the old releases remain with the “old” commission conditions.

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but I paid 9.90 euros and it said all the digital stores not just Spotify, it’s misleading

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Ciao @Riccardo , ti ho risposto nel tuo thread.