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Did you find a bug in the iMusician App? Are you missing a feature or tool that would make your life as an independent artist easier? Share your feedback with us! We’re developing solutions for artists like you, so let’s team up and make sure they’re spot on.



I want to give feedback on two things:

I think it would be nice if the links would open in separate tabs by default. At the moment, they are opening in the same tab and it’s a little tedious going back and keeping track.

Wouldn’t be nice if we had a separate category talking about digital and hardware gear, deals and so on or should we post in the uncategorized section?



Hey @zirnoise

Thanks for sharing both of these insights! We will be updating the links here to open in a separate tab :handshake:

That would be great to start a thread in the uncategorized section in regards to gear and deals for musicians - feel free to get one started in there :wink:

I’ll be happy to start sharing links as I find them!

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I watched the latest episode of the iMusician show on Youtube, where it was said that royalty splits will be added as one of the new features.
I think it’s a very useful feature that can also bring new users to the iMusician platform and I have some suggestions about it:

In addition to just adding the splits functionality, it would be nice to have recupment rules.

Once the initial funds have been Recouped, the Splits will automatically go into effect for all other collaborators on the Split.

For example, I spend € 500 for the production of my song in collaboration with other artists. Since I have spent € 500, all the royalties that will be generated, will be used to cover those initial € 500 and afterwards it will start to pay the splits according to the agreed percentages (for example 25% for each artist).

I saw this feature on Stem’s blog page, where this feature is described in detail.

Hope it helps!


Hey Pio,

Yeah, we are very excited to launch the royalties splits feature. I have just forwarded your suggestion to our IT team, and they will definitely consider adding the ‘recouped’ function.

Thanks for taking the time to share it with us. Our idea is to always improve the platform for our users and this kind of feedback is very valuable to us.




Thanks for the kind consideration! :grin: :grin:


Hello to everybody, I write to ask one thing: is it possible to select the language for the menu and settings of this community? I think this good like upgrade :slight_smile:

Hi @Lollo

For now the Community is only available in English, however, please feel free to share your thoughts, feedback, news, tracks, etc. in your native language and one of our iMusician Team members will get back to you ASAP :slight_smile:

Dear iMusician,

I created and scheduled a release using the new form but I noticed that within the track info section I am no longer being asked to submit the publishers information. Is this an error in the new form? or are you intentionally no longer requesting our publishers information? Please advise. I reached out via email but I was advised to reach out via the “need help?” button. I tried clicking on the “need help?” button within the Dashboard but for some strange reason in my account the button it is all grayed out and can’t click on it.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Thank You,


Dear @GPP ,

Many thanks for raising this question!

The publishers information can be added once you indicate your track as a cover:

I reported your feedback to our tech department and will keep you in the loop.

As per your feedback regarding the “need help” button, I’ve tried to impersonate your account and the button worked as it should. So I’d like to check a few things. Have you tried using Google Chrome? Could you please try again in Incognito mode (while on Chrome, press Shift+Control + N)?
If this works, you should be able to fix the issue by cleaning the cache and cookies. If not, please let me know and I’ll contact you in private to explore other possible solutions.

All the best,

Hello team,

I have a suggestion for ‘Submit a release’ and ‘Release Upload Form’. I currently struggle with this on every release!

In regards to releasing music on Beatport.
-Please add a ‘Pre-Order’ from date option so we can add this as a tag with the imusician release for imusician support to action/contact beatport.

-Please add Beatport Exclusive tag with the option to release to other stream/download platforms from 2 weeks or 1 month after exclusive date period has ended.

-Please add bundle release tag(may have the term incorrect) so if release has multiple edits of the same release the beatport user can select the buy release button to purchase all associated edits (e.g. extended mix, Radio Edit, dub edit etc.). - this is also how you can appear of Beatport Top 10/100 Release chart.

  • and/or if the above is not possible then - Please add a extra comments box where we are able to add a comment to the release for the required actions by iMusician Delivery Support - this will save us the extra step of logging a support case separately.

Support Ticket Bug - disappearing support tickets

Hi team, the last two times I have logged support tickets they have disappeared from ‘previous conversation’. I do receive a confirmation email that the ticket has been received by imusician instantly. I check several days later and the ticket is missing from ‘previous conversation’. No follow up emails from imusician to state that there is a response or when the ticket will be attended to/auto reminder. Belive this is a bug?

A little bit frustrating when we have limited time to resolve issues before release goes out as a response from support can take several days which blows out my marketing timeframe (I don’t market until I get the ‘Pre-Order’ beatport link).


-Please add in the actual date the ticket was submitted alongside the x#days since logged.

-Please add in ETA for support response with backend prompt to imusician support to follow up query. I’m uncertain when someone will get back in touch. Sometimes I end up sending an email also which could start confusing the process. I see it says 1-2 days to for a response -This used to be the case when it was just email but new ticket support is over this stated timeframe.

Finally - I have been told that if we add comments onto the current support conversation this will reset the timeframe back again another 2 or so days on top of the current response wait period !? - if this is the case then can we edit our comments instead as we may have an update we need to amend and since no one has answered then it gets complicated!?