Of all the shops for streams, Beatsource is said to pay the best.
why aren’t we on beatsource and is it planned in the future?

Hi @Hebbe Do you refer to beatport as a shop here?

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Thanks for your answer Christoph,
no I meant BeatSOURCE
They say it’s best to pay for the stream, which may also be of interest to you

Beatsource also offers WAF files for DJs, which I also think is important.
and they pay ten times as much as the other shops!!!

Hi @Hebbe Thanks for the heads up. I see that Beatsource is the DJ shop sepcialised on HipHop and created by the people who also do Beatport.

I researched that we’re currently not delivering to this shop. I’ll forward this to our Product Team to consider it for the near future.


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