Should I include Youtube when I select shop if I want to monetize on youtube CID?


I can select only 4 shops when I try to distribute music with free subscription plan. Should I include Youtube during selecting 4 shops if I want to monetize on Youtube CID?

Hey @eric5

The YouTube card you’d see here is for YouTube Music:

This is in the first step when you create your music release.

YouTube Content ID is in the last step ‘Extra Features’:

I hope that helps.


In this case I want to select 4 shops spotify, deezer, amazon, and tiktok. I don’t want to distribute shop youtube music, but I want to monetize on youtube cid.

Is it possible to activate youtube cid without distributing to Youtube music?


Yes, this is possible.
You can do it like you described - select for music distribution Spotify, Deezer, Amazon & TikTok and when you’ll be on the last step, select YouTube Content ID Monetization.