Showcase Your Music Videos with iMusician! ๐ŸŽฌ

Dear community!

We are currently working on a blog post on music video production for independent artists on a budget, and we would like you to participate!

We want to add 5 videos from artists who distribute their music with iMusician to our article :film_projector: :film_strip:

Musicians from all genres are welcome to submit their videos by filling up this form.

We aim to feature a diverse range of artists from different genres and prioritize creativity and uniqueness over video quality standards - even if you feel like your visuals donโ€™t reach industry standards, you are more than welcome to send us the link! :muscle:

Michele (and Maurizio)


Hi Maurizio, wow thatโ€™s amazing!! Such a good idea and such a great opportunity!

Even though itโ€™s old and with a song that wasnโ€™t released yet, I sent you the link to the clip of โ€œThe Day After We Died Part. Iโ€


Hey @eriahummingbird,

I just watched your video and I love it, it perfectly fits the music.
I also love the dark filter you applied, and the costumes are great!
Thanks for filling up the form!


Hi everyone!

Quick reminder that this week is the last week to submit your music videos :slight_smile:

Weโ€™re excited to see your work!