Single delivered on all platforms. But one of the songs is cut before the end (Due to a mistake we've done)

First of all, sorry for my english.
So, my band and I asked Imusician for the delivery of our new single.
Everything was ok, except that there is a problem with one of the tracks which is cut before the end, due to a problem during the conversion in 24beats.
So, now everybody can listen to us … but not the entire song.
Son what to do ? is it possible to retire the song ? To replace it with the good one ?
We are lost and we really need your help.

Thank you so much for helping us.
Yours faithfully,

some information removed to protect privacy and copyrights

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Hello Jérôme, hope you are doing great :blush:

First of all, thanks for interacting with us here in our community!

As your question relates to a specific release, we will need you to contact our Artists & Label Relations team via email to

In your message, I ask that you include the UPC / barcode of your release and already add a link (could be from Google Drive or WeTransfer) with the new audio. Our team will send an update for all platforms and very soon the situation will be resolved.

We wish you much success in your career!


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@JayLokken I have shared all the information with Cayo (but removed it from the post) If we need anything extra we’ll let ya know

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