Singles released on other artist page youtube, apple music and deezer

Hello i dont understand why everything works find when i release a song on spotify but not on youtube, apple music and deezer.
They all go to profiles i dont own. I pay for a solution that doesnt work… I tried on deezer creator to claim my artist page but i cant , it says that it belongs to another one.
Artiste name LOBA
Spotify : LOBA | Spotify
Youtube official account : i did upload myself my last track directly on youtube with imusician it goes here :

dezeer ?? it goes to this profile where is mine ?

Apple music : Some tracks are here :

other are there :

How can we correct this ?
Thanks a lot

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Hello @Soundofloba

Thanks for your message.

@Melani or @Carlos will get back to you shortly.



Hey @Soundofloba,

Unfortunately that’s a mistake from the streaming platforms when assigning your music to artist profiles (that happens often when they are dealing with “generic” artist names).

In order to correct this, we need you to provide for each shops concerned by this issue:

  1. The link to your release;
  2. The link to the incorrect artist profile;
  3. The link to your artist profile (if you don’t already have one, add “create a new profile”)

Thank you :slight_smile:


Hello Carlos,
Thanks a lot. Please find all the releases, wrong page artist and creation.

Apple music :

  1. releases :
    ‎In My Head - Morceau par Loba - Apple Music
    ‎Ghost - Morceau par Loba - Apple Music
    ‎Schizophrénies - Morceau par Loba - Apple Music
    ‎The Journey - Single – Album par Loba – Apple Music

2 incorrect artist profile : ‎Loba – Apple Music
and here : ‎Loba – Apple Music

3 Please create an artist profile on apple music and attach theses releases.

Deezer :
releases :

  1. incorrect artist page :

3 Please create an artist profile on deezer and attach theses releases.

I cant give you youtube music links cause it s not allowed to send more than 10 links here…

Could you tell me hen it s done and how to claim to apple, and deezer the artist page.

Many thanks. Please feel free to ask for more information.

Hello @Soundofloba


@Carlos will get back to you shortly.


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Hey @Soundofloba, thank you for the links! I’ve sent the request to Apple and Deezer, expect about 3 weeks for the releases to be moved to a new profile.

Once the profiles have been created, you can claim them here and here :slight_smile:


Thank you !!!

What about youtube ?
Youtube music :

releases :

  1. incorrect artist page : YouTube Music

3 Official artist page : YouTube Music

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Hi @Soundofloba,

Thanks for your links. When we deliver to Youtube, your music is being delivered under a various artists playlists and only after some time, your own Artist - Topic channel is created (this is a decision of Youtube itself).

However, in this specific case , we will request Youtube to remove your release from the wrong Artist - Topic channel.
Just a note, the channel you shared with us is just your private one and we do not intervene on that.

Thanks for your patience and have a great day!