Someone just used my beat without permisson, how do I take the track down or contact him to purchase a lease?

This person just stole my beat ‎What We On by ZABO on Apple Music How do I take it down or make him buy the beat?
(actual beat: Buy Beats Online | Download Beats | Rap Beats For Sale | Instrumentals For Sale)

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Hi @Nikita

Thank you for your message. Someone from the iMusician Team will contact you shortly to solve your problem. Please be patient.

There is no work on weekends. That’s why you can’t expect a response until next week.

@Maurizio @Pauline can you help here? :+1:


Hello @Nikita,

Tagging @Maxence, our legal expert

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Hello again @Nikita,

I’m sending you a DM with the next steps.
Thanks for reporting this.