Song disputes

Do I get a notification when someone disputes my song on a youtube video? Therefore I can choose to appeal or do nothing.

Hello Treeman,

Yes you will receive a notification if your video gets a Content ID claim. Then you will be able to take an action.
If you have more doubts about YouTube or YouTube Content ID, let me know or have a look at our dedicated page :notes:

You didn’t understand my question.

Do I get a notification if some else disputes my song (Content ID claim) on YouTube.

Can someone answer my question. (see first post)

Example below:

Some YouTube user uploads a video with my music in the background
– it gets a content ID claim (for my music)
– this user disputes the content ID claim
– YouTube sends a notification about the dispute to iMusician
(iMusician can now appeal or do nothing)

Do I get the notification too ?
So can I appeal the dispute ?
Do I get a notitfication in email or in dashboard?

Hey @Treeman, thanks for the clarification.

Well, I’ve completely took the wrong way round :flushed:
This is a quite good question and I’ll ask our YouTube wizards to give me all the info needed to clear out your doubts once and for all.
I beg for a little more of your patience. I’ll come back by the end of Monday at the latest, you have my word!

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Here we go, as promised :smiley:

By requesting a Content ID monetization on iMusician, as a customer your are allowing iMusician, as a service, to manage the overall monetization of your songs (any video making use of the sound recordings you submitted for Content ID) on YouTube.
In that case, you will not be notified about the Content ID claims or disputed claims that are managed on a daily basis by iMusician, on your behalf.
You can be assured that if a YouTube user is using your music in a video and is disputing the claim(s), we would re-instate the claim(s) if they are indeed violating your copyright rights and intellectual property.

Please be aware that we have tools and processes that allow us to clearly identify and prevent any potential Contend ID fraud that would impend to the Youtube monetization policies.

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