Song earnings

Hey there! Why my song has 50,000 plays on spotify, but on Imusician there’s a report of only 7000 and i earned only 10$?
How is it possible? There’s someone from Imusician assistance that can explain this? Thank you


Hello @ZackBalance

thank you for your message.

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Hi morning @cantheproducer , this one of our hottest topic eh! ahah

Here us back @ZackBalance, how are you? So, when comes to streams and monetization , we need to address the topics separately.

First thing to say, we get the streams (trends) directly from the platforms and you can see them in Music Analytics with a delay of 5 days approx.

As for any other platform, Spotify runs detections to see if there is fraudolent activities like stream boosting and if found, the fraudulent streams are taken out obviously.

Concerning the final revenue that one artist gets, it is hard to determine a price per stream because it fluctuates each month, depending on Spotify monthly revenue and other factors. We acknowledge from experience that a difference of 100-200 streams between Music Analytics & Spotify Analytics is “normal”. But in your case, we can run deeper investigations :slight_smile:

Just sent you a DM @ZackBalance