Soundtracks for Documentaries


I am looking to license cinematic, ambient, yet melodic, music for some short, low budget, documentary films which I am presently finishing. My films have screened in film festivals.

Please let me know if you have music that you would like me to consider for my docs.

Thank you very much.


Hey @Elizlit

Welcome to the iMusician community - I would highly recommend posting a few links to your previous work so that we can all get a flavour of your films

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Hi Elizlit,
As Si_G said to you, if you post links, you could have more opportunities …I personnaly could be interested! Bye!


Hi Everyone,

Here is the link to my Vimeo channel and my bio. These are just trailers, but you can get a glimpse of my documentary style. I really like to work with musicians directly for licensing.

Please feel free to reach out to me. I am looking for ambient, cinematic music, with a melody, that can drive a narrative. I am careful to credit musicians properly.

My bio: Elizabeth Littlejohn - Photographer & Director

The City Island

Thank you so much,


Hey @Elizlit

These are beautiful, loving the stories and it is visually vibrant!

Also tagging @Susann, our resident semi-Canadian for some Toronto vibes!

Thank you :))). I am looking for anyone to submit. I am working on two docs, one based in west end Toronto, and one based in Kreuzberg.

Kreuzberg Berlin (DE) or also Toronto?

Both, based on the themes of the docs, but it doesn’t matter where the musicians come from.

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I don’t know if it could fits with what you’re looking for, but here’s the link of my EP “Abysse” Abysse - Single by Llo Sigma | Spotify
I have other ambient tracks on my other Ep and albums…Let me know if you’re interested.

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Thank you so much! Will take a careful listen.

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Hi Elizlit, I don’t know if this could match your request, but this is an instrumental composition for a record by my folk-rock Italian band: Ouverture - YouTube
It has been recently released on all platforms as the introduction track to the album.

All the best,

Hey @estorti

I absolutely LOVE this sound, great to see this music still being composed! Would love to get more links from you and a general introduction from you over on our Introduce Yourself - iMusician Community thread.

You can count me as a new subscribers though! Great sound, wonderful composition.

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Many thanks @SimonG, I’m happy you liked it! Sure, I’ll post some info on the thread you suggested

Lo Sigma, I am trying to email you a request to try to download and pay for your album through Bandcamp to see if a couple of songs work in my edit. Great music! Would you mind emailing me at elizlit at gmail. Thank you so much.

Thank you! I am looking for more ambient music, though.

Hey Elizlit … Are you still looking for cinematic/ambient music for your documentary ?