Soundtracks & Instrumental

Hi all …am I in the right place? :+1:
Music has many genres and directions. I have created and edited a lot of music myself. But now I want to promote other music. I am looking for official playlists, curated for film music, soundtrack and instrumental music. Basically, I don’t see anything anywhere. Who can advise where to go and where to promote film soundtracks and instrumental music?
Michal :grinning:

Hi Michal,

Welcome to the community AND great question! If you’d like to share a link to your music I’ll be happy to point you in the direction :headphones:

We have our Neo-Classical playlist that might work for some of your music…

ALSO - check out our video on How to Get Playlisted here - a bunch of good tips + tricks in there :sparkles:

Hi, Nicholas, :+1:
thank you for your tip on the Neo Classical playlist.
I’ve sent in a few tracks and we’ll see if I get in.
I’ll continue to learn and finding the right ways to get my music into the world. Michal :grinning: