Spotify Artist Account

I need help to get access to my artist page which was generated by imusician.
Where can I get my access data. I did not create the page, it was created by imusician.
All I got is this path: > > > spotify:artist:0PipRcQYmk5ZgIyU0SasEd, but when I copy paste it in the browser, it does not work.
Spotify wants me to sign in with my private account which is connected to facebook, but this is NOT my artist page.
HELP, I am totally lost :frowning:

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Hi @Skhamenei , if you paste this into the search tab of spotify and then hit enter you will find it:
on spotify you can then claim your artist page here:

plz let us know if this helped, all the best, Andi


Hi @Skhamenei, thanks for your message.

The Spotify URI cannot be used in your web browser, this is not a URL but an internal code only for Spotify and Spotify for Artists.

If you enter your URI like @Andi wrote it should work on Spotify for Artists.

Don’t hesitate to check our special guide here that shows step by step how to claim your Spotify artist page.

Let us know if you still need more help :slight_smile:


Hi and thanks,
I tried to claim the account and I am still waiting for an access fpr spotify in oder to upload pictures and stuff.
How can I leave this thread? Just asking, bceause I am gettings tons of mails?! :wink:
thnaks in advance

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Hello @Skhamenei

If you want, I can turn off the emails. If you want to leave the forum completely, I can delete your profile.


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