Spotify for Artists Pitching vs. Editorial Pitching?

Hi, would like some clarification/advice on this, I’m planning to debut some music but with no established streams, social media followings, or prior releases. All I’ve got is a pretty dialed in direction+art style for the project and music that I do believe is up to snuff for the genre (heavy bass music), I’ve been at it for over a decade and my music has been played by big artists in the genre.

With that said, as I can only choose one, would you recommend I do Spotify for Artists Pitching or Editorial Pitching? Fully understand odds are against me with either choice, but the small price to pay for editorial pitching isn’t much for how long ive worked on all this, but I wasn’t sure if Spotify for Artists Pitching would actually be more viable from where I’m at.

Thanks so much,

(ps. I bought 3 months of the service last year to do the release, but life happened, couldnt do it and forgot to cancel, any way I could get some sort of credit towards the release I plan to do now? As I didn’t make any use of the purchased service, understandable if not though).

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Hey @snowday,

It all depends on how much you believe in the quality of your music. Pitching via your Spotify for Artists is basically a guaranteed submission to Spotify’s curators, whereas Editorial Pitching is based on our internal curators ears. In both cases, there isn’t a guarantee that you will end up on a playlist (because in the end it’s the shops curators that decide).

If you’re 100% convinced that your music will attract the attention of our curators, then I’d suggest going for the Editorial Pitching. If you think it’s wiser to submit it yourself, then the pitching via Spotify for Artists is more adequate. Honestly I would love to be able to give you a clearer answer, but ultimately the choice comes down to you as an artist :slight_smile:

PS: We can only handle such requests within 14 days after payment.


Thanks, that makes sense.

One clarification, if Editorial Pitching is not successful via your internal processes, am I then able to pitch to Spotify for Artists on my own at a later date? Or was the one pitching opportunity sort of “used up” on Editorial Pitching?

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If the Editorial Pitching is not successful, unfortunately it won’t be possible to pitch it again via Spotify for Artists because, as you’ve said, the pitching opportunity has already been “used up”.


Got it, thank you!