Statistics / Trends Streams Variation

I have the same issues and other 4 people that i know have huge problems too with imusician.
Numbers are different from 50% to 80%.
This is happening for months , since the beggining, and Spotify reply to me the same thing told to Mattia:The stats that are shown on Spotify for artist are the ones that are paid.
Amazon stats and other stores even not showing nor counted.


that’s why i’m so concerned, and i’m considering leaving Imusician.


any update?

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Hey all, we’re working on an update here but - can you share with me (directly) the reports from Spotify you see - thanks

We’re genuinely trying to get to the bottom of anything that might be causing this. As far as we were concerned the numbers we got from Spotify were “the numbers” so…

Things go worse and worse, the last three days It shows 52 streams LOL , Spotify shows above 500 per day, this Is ridiculous