Statistics / Trends Streams Variation

I have the same issues and other 4 people that i know have huge problems too with imusician.
Numbers are different from 50% to 80%.
This is happening for months , since the beggining, and Spotify reply to me the same thing told to Mattia:The stats that are shown on Spotify for artist are the ones that are paid.
Amazon stats and other stores even not showing nor counted.

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that’s why i’m so concerned, and i’m considering leaving Imusician.


any update?

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Hey all, we’re working on an update here but - can you share with me (directly) the reports from Spotify you see - thanks

We’re genuinely trying to get to the bottom of anything that might be causing this. As far as we were concerned the numbers we got from Spotify were “the numbers” so…

Things go worse and worse, the last three days It shows 52 streams LOL , Spotify shows above 500 per day, this Is ridiculous

i have sent you a dm

it’s a couple of months i don’t make a proper promotion to my music so it’s going down…but here it is…

Thanks @MattiaBalboni and @liamphanmusic

I have received the screenshots from you and we’ll use this as a starting point for investigating.

I want to make it clear again that we absolutely want to find whatever the issue is and make sure that stats we’re showing are correct - it simply isn’t in our interest to get the stats “wrong”


starting point?

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Non sono manco uscite le stats e le royalties di febbraio ed é il 15 di giugno, Oltre a tutte le stats sbagliate ,ormai ghivappo

Ok - just bad phrasing - we got as far as we could looking at the data we had and, without anything to compare it with then we had our heads against a wall.

So, phase 2 begins (e.g. we checked everything our side in phase 1).

Just try to imagine that we’re actually concerned about this (we are) and that we’re genuinely trying to fix whatever is going on.


i’m trying to see the september2022-febraury 2023 stat on analitycs, but i can’t find a way…
i want to do it cause the royalties income seems strange.

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Hi @SimonG again ^^, already have provided my data from 2022 September to January 2023 (both Spotify and Imusician), I also want to show February 2023 so you also get a rough idea of the issue:


The difference is sooo huge, that the only thing I can think of is a country issue, like not receiving money or streams from a specific country… Also checked the Loud and Clear from Spotify Artist (which states source of incomes), and only premium or ad-freemium listeners are counted, which should be the case anyway since you need either both to access spotify as stream (over 30 seconds, but as already stated, below nothing is displayed, already checked with an api.

Hey @liamphanmusic ,

We’re on this. Thanks all for your patience,

@liamphanmusic I also thought that it might be related to specific countries, but it happened to have over 1k streams from the states on one day and there are just about 400 on the stats, so there must be another reason, I think:

@SimonG I hope this can help to go deeper into the issue, all the best, Andi

Hi, auch meine Streams stimmen weder mit den Zahlen von Apple Music, noch mit Spotify überein. Wurde das Problem mittlerweile gefunden?
Die Differenz ist bei den Spotify Streams z.B. 37!
Anscheinend besteht das Problem aber ,nur" bei meiner neuen Single, die am 23. rauskam.


@Christoph can you help please? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @MCJonazn

Die Trends zeigen vorübergehend die Performance deiner Releases in Bezug auf Streamings und Downloads; diese Informationen sind nützlich, um den Erfolg deiner Releases und Tracks zu bestimmen und festzustellen. Die Trends sind im Grunde eine grobe Schätzung, die später im Hinblick auf die Erstellung des Berichts verfeinert wird. Es kann unter Umständen vorkommen, dass die Trenddaten nicht innerhalb von 24 Stunden übermittelt werden können oder anderweitig es zu Schwankungen kommt.

z.B. zeigen unsere Trenddaten keine Streams unter 30 Sekunden an. da diese nicht monetarisiert werden.

Ich kann den Vorgang aber gerne mal von unserem Tech Team überprüfen lassen, wenn du das möchtest.


I mostly think, that most of us have the issue of the imusician report being way off in terms of total streams rather that your live streams monitorings.

My issue is clear enough for example, having more than 3000 streams since September 2022 not being reported in your reports but by spotify yes.

Still waiting for the answer of this streams gap

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Streams from September 2022-December 2022 should be the fixed streams (or corrected after 6 months by spotify if that it is only a issue of source of streams, which should match your streams right ?).