Statistics / Trends Streams Variation

apologies for asking the same question you probably have answered multiple times.

Regarding 2023-03-31 and 2023-04-01, we are actively working on properly re-importing this data.

I currently have no answers about point 1 and 2 as we will have to follow up on this from our end. Concrete examples will help our case.

Regarding point 3: “accountable” streams

To shed some light on the monetizable or also known as accountable trait of a stream. That basically just signifies if a play is shorter than 30 seconds. We provide visibility about this via the Skip rate indicator.

Meaning if you have a track with 1 stream and a skip rate of 50% you have 1 stream which is not being accounted for.
We decided to graph the streams that have the opportunity to be monetized (regardless of any additional logic) and use the skip rate to highlight the difference.
I understand that we could also graph all streams edit: (incl. partial streams) and highlight the skip rate in which case you would have to subtract from the plotted numbers.
Neither is right or wrong. Perhaps having some more clarity and information on the skip rate would make this more understandable.

Happy to investigate some of the mismatches you observed and figure stuff out. It’s helpful to get insights into what Spotify reports on spotify for artists, I do agree that we should end up with the same numbers and we will do everything possible from our side to get there. Ultimately we do have to rely on the data that is provided to us.

Thank you for your patience and help!

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Greetings team,

I just realized the number of plays displayed on imusician analytics does not match Spotify for artists info (without even considering other platforms). Could you please take a look at it? Thank you!


Hey @soundfiction


We have found an issue that caused Trends to be incorrect between 31.03 and 01.04 to be incorrect, this will be rectified ASAP.

Hope this answers your questions

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Hi @SimonG , thank you for your message.

April 1st was updated but March 30th is still the same…

Hey @soundfiction

Yes, we still have an issue with these stats, from April 1st it should be good, we’re working to get the correct data in all accounts ASAP.


Hi Guys.
i0ve been really busy in the lastr 10 days, lot of work (i’m a sound engineer, and biennale venice is about to start…you can immagine how much crazy is working now).
i see a lot of confusion: some of the post by the Imusician staff have been edited , deleting parts (with the line on the words), still some things do not work with math…i mean: if you take the statements you should have an opposite stats problem, or so it seems. I have seen multiple answers, via mail or via forum, some of them contradictory, come of them corrected after the answer.

two quick thoughts:
1- if you, Imusician, have such a confusion in yourself…you can immagine how difficoult it’s for us.
the point (thats what is…making me angry, to be clear) is that this is not a friends
comunity, we are not friends that enjoy staying toghether and somebody takes care of the business because he/she is a nice person. Imusician is a company, and we, users, pay Imusician.
So, when i say " it’s difficoult for us" it’s a very bad thing: it shouldn’t be so, you are professionals and we are costumers.

2-situation is fairly diffused. that means trhere is a system problem (technical? internal )

3-you are so confused that if you put together the 20 mails exchange i had plus this Imusician thread you really don’t understand anything. cause every week something changes, and you (as imusician staff, generally…i’m not referring to any specific person…i don’t want to put the blame on anybody.) changed answers so many times that i can’t read an answer and say “Wok, so this is it…”, cause maybe will have different answers in a few days.

4- the only clear thing is tha stats problem you have with Spotify. MY FEAR is that that problem and that confusion we have experienced in imusician can reflect pour earnings. because, again, we are not a group of friends, it’s a business.

now, i know that you will say : “trust us, there are no problem with the money”.
but how can i know it ? a leap of faith?

that is why i ask imusician two things: 1- to pubblish and be clear about the agreement that this company has with other companies, expecially spotify. DON’T say “we do not knwo it”, like your colleague did: this comapny has agreement with other companies, the agreement is an official document, so there is no way that imusician does not knwo the terms. if you cannot go pubblic, for privacy policy with the other company, SAY IT. it’s legal, no problem. but say it.

2- i’m considering leaving Imusician, because i’m affraid of the confusion you have shown. i’m affraid it can affect the services you want to provide and the earnings i want to have. the only thing i’m sure is the money i paid. my request is: at least, if i leave you, give me back the money i paid for the amplify plus.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaand…i’d like to have final and clear answers on those issues.


I dont have any idea Mattia

Hi Mattia !

I have the exact same issues here in my report, being master student in business analytics I have complete control of my streams from both spotify and imusician and can confirm between 5 and 10% streams difference each months, will show stats soon to prove my point…

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Here you can see since September 2022 the huge differences between Spotify streams and what Imusician report, I am not even counting the other shops…

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Hello, last thread of “Statistics / Trends Streams Variations” pointed out a huge problem with Imusician report and thus royalties…

Here is shown Spotify monthly streams versus Imusician since September 2022. Those are official streams from Spotify, and Official report from Imusician, no corrections are pending thus are truthful representation of what I got as streams/royalties on my account for those months.

I think there is the need to be a transparent discussions and possible compensations for this money loss…

There is not even the other shop, that have some streams (100-200)…

Also, your new subscription model won’t be of any interest if I only get 70-80% of my actual streams, your fees of 0% won’t help me recover these losses

Hi everyone,
I want to try to summerize :blush:

  1. We have STREAMING STATS on our dashboard that don’t match the streaming data from shops. Stats are not static, they are updated, for example the April 1 issue where the numbers grew after a while. (btw I have the same issue on May 3, so just to let you know, the issue still persists)
  2. We have REVENUES, that are not depending on the streaming stats we see in our dashboard. iMusician just takes the money they get from the shops and pays it out to artists.

So in my opinion the STREAMING STATS are interesting and we all want to see the correct numbers but we shouldn’t rely on them for what regards expected revenues.

For what regards the REVENUES it would be interesting to know how much the shops pay for streams (and for different streaming times) although it seems that it is not a fixed rate but depends on how much the shops earn by themselves and it doesn’t seem they are really transparent on that but maybe we could have an accurate guess?

My personal conclusion: as long as we take the STREAMING STATS for what they are (an overview) and REVENUES too (real hard data) we don’t need to be worried. We still expect iMusician to work on the accuracy of STREAMING STATS as we all are happy to see the total ammount of streams on a glance without having to check all the single shops.


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Hello everyone.

Many thanks for your following comments here.

Rather than answer immediately - which caused confusion last time. (In short, I am the source of the incorrect information - I was reading out-of-date information).

I am asking the internal team to fully answer this with an article / overview in the iMusician show. Spotify is the main issue here as they have do not pay for streams under 30 seconds yet Spotify show them in their trends.

@Andi - correct on the splits of stats vs revenues. Your trends dashboard could show zero streams and it would not impact your sales.

But more on that… soon.


@SimonG thanks a lot!

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I must point out from general answer of @Andi that my table shown above are not dynamic data, those are already 4 months old, thus shouldn’t show such huge gap in official report… I don’t think I have 40% fake streams as I haven’t use any bots and streams only count when more than 30 seconds were listened…


hi @liamphanmusic sorry if I didn’t explain myself in the right way, what I meant is just, that the values of streams is changing over time, weather it aligns with data from spotify and other streaming services I don’t know, but I hope iMusician will find a solution for that although it is not a vital data but it would be great to have real data there too :blush:


Ok I see but for what I have written until now, is that we still should have money from free Spotify plan user even if the rate is lower, that should match the streams anyway… The only streams that are not matching should be the Spotify filtering of bots and fake streams nothing else should disappear.


And as you can see, I have huge differences, pointing out even 40% of differences between imusician and spotify for 1 month. Spotify would have already canceled all my streams at this point with such a fake bots ratio…

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Didn’t correctly read the answer from the admin, but yeah if Spotify are actually showing stats from under 30 seconds streams, that is really weird… basically showing no money then… That is really weird because when using StatsforSpotify, only my 30 seconds streams are counted on my account history of streaming, already did a GDPR request, and can assure that they don’t show all my listened songs, but only the above 30 seconds treshold…