Stats and Sales Data

Hi, I have been releasing music with iMusician for a year now.
I have two questions regarding statistics, payouts and sales data.

  1. The stats displayed in my dashboard are way off, especially for spotify. I am cross-checking with data from streaming platforms and wonder why the stats are not correct. Also, as they are a different account, I believe payouts should not be affected by this but is this true?

  2. I have been receiving this error in my dashboard since i started to release, do you know why? (image attached)




hi @Debreu , I’m tagging @Carlos and @Melani here to see if they can help, best, Andi


Thanks mate!


Hey @Debreu,

  1. As a distributor, we receive reports from various platforms that host your music and then make these figures available on your dashboard in the form of trends and sales data. Several factors can explain the differences you are mentioning:
  • The trends you see on your iMusician dashboard have a delay of approximately 5 days compared to real-time on the platforms.
  • The sales data you see on your iMusician dashboard is provided to us 4 months after the sale (stream/download) takes place.
  • ​Platforms use filtering tools to detect non-organic streams, which are then invalidated at the time of monetization. There are other types of data that get filtered during this process such as:
  • The type of user streaming your tracks (whether they might be subscribers or listeners who use the platform for free);
  • The duration of the streaming (the minimum time to generate any monetization is set to 30 seconds);
  • The method of payment that the shop itself entails (some pay a fixed rate for each streaming, others calculate your revenue according to variable percentages on a monthly basis);
  • The possible insertion of advertising (this occurs for example with YouTube, which also takes into account the popularity of the content);
  • The geographical area in which your music is listened to and/or purchased (for e.g. sales generated in the US are always reported 1-2 months later);
  • Offline streams (when a fan downloads the track and listens to it offline, the streams will be counted only as soon as the customer goes back online).

​​On our side, the numbers/revenues we provide you with are based solely on the figures communicated to us by the platforms and we have no influence over them. We have no visibility into what happens between the count made by the platforms (what you see on your Spotify for Artists, for example) and the communication of filtered data to our service (which you see on your iMusician dashboard).

  1. Our tech team is working on this.