How many subscribers do you need to have to able to qualify for the YouTube OAC channel.

hi @AlmightyBillionaire , please see this for the requirements of an OAC on YouTube:

best, Andi :v:

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@Melani @Christoph @cantheproducer I need a reply from the team. Imusiciandigital faqs does not say anything about the number of subscribers you should have in order to be accepted on YouTube OAC Program. So I need a definite answer , Thanks

@AlmightyBillionaire, the FAQ doesn’t say anything about this because there is nothing to say. There is no requirement regarding the amount of subscribers to qualify for an OAC.

I will also kindly ask you to be a little bit more respectful towards the moderators that take time to reply to your questions. They are as qualified as us (the team) to answer such requests and you can consider what @Andi as definite.

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