Subscription plan with music distribution included, anyone?

Hey community!

I guess most of you know by now that our key-promise at iMusician is “pay once, online forever.” That’s why we’re currently not offering a subscription plan with distribution included. BUT: they seem to be quite popular these days, and we might add some more options in the future!

Would you like to see a music distribution subscription plan sometime soon? Do you have concrete ideas or wishes? We want to develop the features and plans you really need, and your feedback is highly appreciated :pray:




@Susann absolutely no ideas, could you give more examples of what could be a subscription plan with distribution, please ?


Thanks for asking @A2D !
Something like a “release flat rate” I was thinking. You get X releases/tracks with your AMPLIFY+ subscription, for example. It doesn’t mean that it has to be attached to our current AMPLIFY/AMPLIFY+ plans of course, just a first thought.

I was wondering how many of our artists would like to see something like that in the future, and what you would like this to look like :slight_smile:

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Thank you for answering @Susann
Now, I understand. I will meditate on this now :thought_balloon:

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Nice. I appreciate it!! :slight_smile:

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The musical artists seems to create differently :slight_smile:

  • The one’s who produces many singles, EP or albums per year (like me @A2D)

  • The one’s that concentrate on less release but promote more.

For myself really : Spotify, Beatport and a more easy way be able to customize my youtube profile (be able to put video with tied rights easily in youtube) is what I dream of in the future (linked to iMusician releases).

I wish also a central way to create a community around my fans and me on mobile device with the ability to interact in live (linked to Instagram).


Great feedback! You are not part of the YT partner program yet, is that right? Are more insights into YouTube content ID performance & analytics, or also manual claims something interesting for you?

I really like the “personal artist community” idea too. I may hit you up for further discussions if that’s cool for you?

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Thanks for letting me know @koan and welcome to our community :raised_hands:

Music distribution is always available for a one-time fee with us, no matter if you’re subscribed or not. That’s super important for us too.

You can choose to remain on the “Free” level, which means no fee at all. And if you want to subscribe to get your music on premium shops for example, you don’t have to keep your subscription to keep your released music online. If you decide to cancel your subscription plan at some point your releases stay on all the shops that you’ve delivered them too in the first place :slightly_smiling_face:

Does this make it more clear? If not then please let me know, I’m here to help!


Thank you @Susann. Currently, indeed, I’m not part of YT partner program (also because I have not really music video to publish at the time ; it is a project for end of this year for a more tech house album I’m busy to prepare). I must said I was always a little bit confused by the tarification to obtain this YT content ID - maybe it will be clear with my new Amplify+ program… I wanna also be able to customize my YT music profile but do not know how ?

About “personal artist community”, cool do not hesitate to hit me further because I feel it is one main key to success and really I have a lot to do in this area !

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Hi @Susann
I am still wrapping up my head about your new plans etc. Before, I used the Rockstar option in order to pay only once for the distribution to all the stores available plus 0% commission and I really liked that option.

My question: is there still a way to pay only once per release AND have 0% commission on royalties?

The way I see it and if I understand properly, you are making us either:

-pay for a monthly subscription fee or
-you keep 5%-10% commission on royalties

Am I correct?

Thank you!

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Hey @soundfiction

Thanks for asking! You’re right, that’s what the new pricing looks like:

  • You pay once per release for music distribution & your music stays online forever on all the shops it was delivered to — even if you downgrade your subscription
  • To keep your 0% commission, you will need to stay subscribed to AMPLIFY+ though

I absolutely understand that Rockstar was a really good deal, and that a lot of our heavy Rockstar artists aren’t too happy about it going away. For us this was a necessary decision that will allow us to develop new features and tools in order to make our offer better than it’s ever been. There’s a bunch of exciting new stuff coming up soon!

I would be super curious to hear more of your thoughts on this though, and what we can do to create an attractive offer for artists like you. If you’re interested, let’s chat sometime?

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If you’re uploading a new release, you can opt in for YouTube Content ID on the last page of our music upload form, under “Extra Features”

If it’s a track that has already been distributed, you can just select the track in your Track Library and hit “Monetize on YouTube”

I hope that makes sense? I asked our support team to let you know about customizing your YT Music profile as I’m not sure about the details :wink:

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@Susann thank you for the answers and great support :wink: :ok_hand:

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Yeah, I think this is a really good idea. “You get X releases/tracks with your AMPLIFY+ subscription, for example. It doesn’t mean that it has to be attached to our current AMPLIFY/AMPLIFY+ plans of course, just a first thought.”

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I release a lot of singles a year and came to your distribution platform few years ago for only this option: subscription plan with distribution included. If you don’t have that option anymore I see no reason to stay around.

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Thank you for the clarification, @Susann . I understand from a business perspective why you are going that way.

I just think it is a little bit complicated to keep track of the earnings when you are changing continuously your plan.

For example, if you release something with the 5% commission plan, then change to FREE for a couple of months, and then subscribing again to release a new single/album… I hope you guys have a very clear breakdown of what tracks are subject to 5% or 10% cut on royalties when downloading the monthly statements.

Personally, I have not released anything with the new plans yet so I should calculate if the earnings of future releases will get me enough to cap the royalties cut at 100 EU per year before considering subscribing.

Anyway, thanks again and I’ll be looking forward to the new stuff coming up. Cheers :grinning:

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Thanks for the feedback @Treeman, and welcome to the community!
So you originally signed up for our Pro Unlimited (unlimited releases plan) offer?

I agree, that has to be super clear! And yes, we will make that as clear as possible when the first royalties from Jan are coming in. I really appreciate this kind of feedback @soundfiction, very helpful!

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I believe it was called The Label. Other distributors didn’t have that option and was quite unique. That was in 2021. Paid once a year and free distributions/monetization whole year. Didn’t really care for the other stuff.

I did nothing in 2022 though, but came back for renew.

Now, I have pay for a subscription (all shops/0%) AND each audio distribution/monetization. That’s actually the same as all the other distributors do. So I hope you guys consider bringing back the pro unlimited option.