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My father asked me to take over the distribution of his Neo-classical artworks (several albums and an opera) on different shops under my name. Are there any legal documents required to do this i.e. transfer of intellectual property rights? If yes what exactly is needed and in which form?

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Hello @Neoclassic I’m a moderator doing my best to help you,

A bunch of faq about property rights

I tag @Maurizio and @Carlos from iMusician support to confirm what exactly is needed and in which form.

The support is closed the week-end



Hi many thanks for your prompt reply. I looked at FAQ before submitting the request. Under “Legal & copyright” there are 9 articles but they don’t clarify my question unfortunately. Maybe I overseen something. Would you provide some direct links? @Maurizio and @Carlos your feedback is appreciated, thank you in advance.


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Hey @Neoclassic,

@A2D has already tagged us, no need to do it a second time :wink:

There is no legal document to provide here as this arrangement only stands between you and your father. Everything related to intellectual property needs to be adressed with the relevant services, as a distributor this is not something we take care of.

The only thing we need to inform you of is that you cannot change the artist name on the current catalog whilst it’s online. If you need to change the artist name on the releases, you will have to request a takedown of all the releases and then re-create them after 4 weeks, this time under your name :slight_smile: