Tell us about your best festival this summer 👋

Hello iMusician community folks :wave:,

What’s your best live in 2022 ? Mine is currently Les Ardentes :wink:

Wooow huge lineup on that one :exploding_head: What was your favorite set from the festival?

I just returned from Butik Festival in :slovenia: and it was an incredible experience - favorite set was Ryan Elliott b2b Evan Baggs :man_dancing:

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Yeah! some new sound to feed my day :space_invader:

No festivals yet but I will always shout out to Imagine Dragons, I feel like they are a festival within themselves :star_struck:

This was in Waldbühne in Berlin:
WhatsApp Image 2022-08-01 at 16.28.15


Yeah! Berliner @Juan great for a developer :wink:

:drum: :drum: :drum: Impatient to read the story of the festivals made by the iMusician team !

I heard this news in their live about Beatport on Instagram :boom:

Wait no longer @A2D :slight_smile:

Check out our comprehensive festival guide here :headphones:

Thanks for tuning in to the IG Live as well - we will be sharing the full video on IG this weekend if you would like to rewatch/take notes

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Wow I jump in it @Nicholas :grin:

I read it, rewind it, :pushpin: it and, read it again because it contains so many interesting facts :ok_hand: